The Museum of the Viking Age in Oslo, Norway, is a massive Viking museum with some of the most important finds from the Viking era, including three intact Viking ships.

In 1996, the Norwegian Viking metal band Einherjer released their debut album “Dragons of the North.” The cover art of the album features an animal head carved out of wood from the Viking age. This specific head is called “The Academic Animal Head Post” and has a height of 52 cm. The artist who carved this post is referred to as “the academic” because he adhered to a clear, traditional style. The woodcarver created a clean and tight composition, in contrast to others that are more cluttered and baroque. At the bottom, part of the shaft that extended backward can be seen.

This special item, featured on the cover art of Einherjer’s album, was found in the Oseberg Ship along with three similar posts. Both the ship and its belongings can be seen at the Museum of the Viking Age.

Mind you that the Museum of Viking Age is expanding and is now rebuilding. It will reopen in 2027.

Huk Aveny 35, 0287 Oslo, Norway

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