Concert venue in Oslo that was established in 1986. The smaller venue John Dee is in the first floor. Host to Inferno Metal Festival. Many legendary bands have performed at Rockefeller, like Motörhead, Dio, Slayer, Slipknot, Judas Priest, Megadeth. W.A.S.P. and King Diamond.

Darkthrone did their last gig at Rockefeller, on Easter Eve on the 6th of April 1996. They only played four songs before they left the stage, and they have never perform live again. Satyricon and Dissection also performed that night, that was promoted as “A Night of Unholy Black Metal”.

Windir performed their last gig at Rockefeller. The gig was held 3rd of September 2004, the same day that the late vocalist Valfar, would have turned 26 years old. The concert was released on DVD under the title “Sognametal”.

Badstugata 2, 0183 Oslo, Norway

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