The Swan is a pub in Hammersmith, London, built in 1901 as a hotel on the site of an old coaching inn. The pub used to host artists in the ’70s and is significant in Iron Maiden‘s history.

On July 12, 1979, Iron Maiden was scheduled to perform at The Swan so their future manager, Rod Smallwood, could see the band and decide if he wanted to manage them. However, shortly before Maiden was set to go on stage, Paul Di’Anno was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon (he had a knife). Rod Smallwood wanted Iron Maiden to perform anyway. As a result, Maiden performed as a three-piece (Steve Harris, Dave Murray, and Doug Sampson), playing a largely instrumental set with Steve Harris handling vocals. For Rod Smallwood, this was the moment he first believed that Iron Maiden could go all the way to the top.

On October 3rd and 4th, 1979, Iron Maiden performed free concerts at The Swan after a canceled gig on September 6th. These gigs were attempts to attract record labels. Chrysalis Records attended but couldn’t decide whether they were interested or not.

46 Hammersmith Broadway, Greater, London W6 0DZ, Great Britain

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