L’Amour closed down February 2004.

L’Amour was a metal venue in Brooklyn, New York, and played an important part in the rise of metal in America. The venue first opened as a disco club in 1978, but transformed into a rock club in 1981. Their slogan was “Rock Capital of Brooklyn”. Many famous metal bands performed at L’Amour, like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, W.A.S.P., King Diamond, TNT, Twisted Sister, Motörhead, Ramones, Saxon, Type O Negative, Mercyful Fate, Kiss, Loudness, and Overkill performed there 42 times.

Iron Maiden‘s “Somewhere in Time” record art from 1986 have a neon sign reading “L’Amour’s Beer Gardens”, a reference to the “L’Amour”. On May 8th 1988 Iron Maiden performed a secret gig at L’Amour billed as Charlotte and the Harlots.

One funny story from L’Amour comes from regular DJ Alex Kayne: “Bruce Dickinson comes up to the booth and asks to make a request. I say, ‘Sure, what do you want to hear? He asks for something off of Maiden Japan, as I start to shuffle through my records. I find it and show it to him. He looks at it and laughs, ‘No, not that one – Deep Purple Made in Japan!’ Both Bruce and Steve Harris commented on the great music I was playing.”

1546 62nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11219, USA

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